01. My grandmother was very old, but she had quite [liberal] ideas. For example, she thought it was a good idea for young people to live together before getting married.
02. Pesticides are used a little too [liberally] on many commercial farms, and the resulting pollution is a serious environmental problem.
03. My parents' views on sex and drugs were quite [liberal], but they made me understand that it was important to be responsible for my actions in every decision I made.
04. I think we need to [liberalize] our laws regarding alcohol in our province because we're not even legally allowed to take a bottle of wine on a picnic.
05. The [liberalization] of abortion laws has allowed women to take control of their bodies.
06. I think the cook was a little too [liberal] with the salt in this soup; it tastes like seawater.
07. Malta is currently privatizing state-controlled companies, and [liberalizing] markets in order to prepare for membership in the European Union.
08. The people of Holland are very grateful to the Canadian soldiers who helped to [liberate] their country during the Second World War.
09. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once stated that the mind of the scholar, if he would leave it large and [liberal], should come in contact with other minds.
10. People living in the urban areas of the country generally seem to have more [liberal] views than those in the countryside.
11. Gregory Nunn once stated that a [liberal] is a man who is right most of the time, but he's right too soon.
12. Heywood Broun once suggested that a [liberal] is a man who leaves the room when the fight starts.
13. Imamu Amiri Baraka once remarked, "A rich man told me recently that a [liberal] is a man who tells other people what to do with their money."
14. Julie Burchill once remarked that with most [liberal] sexual ideas, what makes the world a better place for men invariably makes it a duller and more dangerous place for women.
15. Aristotle once said that of all the varieties of virtues, [liberalism] is the most beloved.
16. Robert Anton Wilson once noted that it only takes 20 years for a [liberal] to become a conservative without changing a single idea.
17. The government [liberalized] the province's liquor laws to allow pubs to install outdoor seating.
18. The so-called economic [liberalisation] of the former communist countries has cost a great number of people their jobs.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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